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31 May 2016

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There is a recent movement within the musical fields which has been initiated by a small yet rather passionate group of young people who advocate a change of musical tuning from 440Hz to 432Hz. Those in favor claim that tuning the music to this specific and particular tuning is going to result in a more natural sound which could reveal numerous advantages. Right off the bat, it’s supposed that this would make all of us happier as well as healthier and more peaceful. In any case, the movement also lays out series of rational explanations as to why 440Hz tuning is actually negative.


A Hypothesis Already Proven


In any case, a music scholar – Maria Renold described the way she tested out the actual impact of 432Hz tuning to people. By plating solfeggio tones to thousands of people for the last 20 years, she managed to come to the stunning conclusion that over 90% of all the people to whom she played the music preferred the 432Hz tuning. Interestingly enough, when asked about how what they’ve heard, people used words such as correct, peaceful, sun like and completed to describe the overall sensation that the music gave them.


The 432Hz Player Application


By taking into consideration all of the above and relying on the stunning and already proven qualities of 432Hz tuning, we’d like to bring to your attention this 432Hz App called “432Player”. It is specifically designated to work on both Android and iOS devices. The 432HZ Player is going to convert music from the regular 440Hz to the far better 432Hz tuning on the fly.


The application is incredibly easy to use, and you should literally press one button in order for it to start working. It’s fast, responsive and convenient and you can convert any song to the far more beneficial 432Hz frequency.


Additional features of the 432Hz Player


The application is free, and there is absolutely no financial background to it. Apart from that, it comes with a lot of additional features. You can enjoy customizable design as per your personal preference. The application won’t limit you to play all songs on 432Hz frequency, and you can play them on 440Hz as well – it’s all up to you as it doesn’t automatically convert the sound without your permission.


You can also conveniently use the 432Hz App to convert whole folders of music, or you can choose specific individual files. You can enjoy creating a fully customized playlist and you can integrate the created playlist, within other music players that don’t have the app installed on them which is pretty neat.


For IOS (IPhones and iPads) you can download the 432hz app here:

For Android Devices you can download the 432player here:



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